Zenoah brand

Zenoah’s history goes back to 100 years. It inherits its innovative and technology advanced DNA, leading towards the development of the wide range of the products we manufacture today. Zenoah has a high level of innovation, our own product development team and owns several patented unique technology and designs. Zenoah is traditionally well-known as 2 stroke engine producer, and its engine technology has reflected in the outdoor power equipments today.


We have a great interest and responsibility in developing the environmentally adopted products to protect our environment. We pursue economic efficiency for the users while also protecting the environment, we try to bring the environmentally-compatible products to achieve the "ECOLOGY" and "ECONOMY" in the same time.

Our sincere attitude for the environment has successfully developed the Strato-Charged® 2-stroke engine, which passed the world's first California Air Resource Board (CARB) the secondary emission control without a catalyst. We continuously have developed technology into our quality products.

Origins of the Name "ZENOAH"

The name of Zenoah" is created by combining the prix "ZE" meaning "to challenge the future" with "Noah" from the biblical story of Noah's Ark. The logo features a red circle and white arrow with the circle representing a global world and the red color representing our product color and innovation while the white triangular arrow represents the sail of the a ZeNoah ship; "MOVING FORWARD" to symbolically show the brand heading into the future.